Save With High-Efficiency Pool Heating


What is the best way to heat a swimming pool? The obvious answer is to use the method that does the best job for the least amount of money. Heating the water to a comfortable temperature is one of the most important items in pool maintenance. Many homeowners install a pool, keep it clean and inviting, but pay a lot to maintain the water temperature.

install a pool

With so many homeowners installing swimming pools in different locations around the globe, an entire industry has grown around the idea of taking care of water-heating needs. For many years, the only realistic option was using natural gas or another fuel to heat water that was pumped into the pool. At some point, people began to use solar heating to accomplish the task.

Efficiency Is the Goal

Excellent heaters are available today that outperform the older systems so well that there is almost no comparison. Using a few basic steps, a pool owner can install a new, high-efficiency system, use the pool cover judiciously, and use as small a pump as possible, while still serving the purpose. As with heating water for home use, heating pool water can generate some significant energy bills. That’s why many property owners are now switching to the newest type of high-efficiency heater.

Efficiency Is the Goal

The key to this newfound efficiency is getting heat from one place to another, from a source of heat to something that is cooler (like the water going to the swimming pool). That heat has to be transferred, in surroundings that are extremely well insulated, so very little heat is lost. Companies are now focusing on the latest technology to provide a choice of swimming pool heating systems for both home and commercial use. It really is possible to save a lot of money on water-heating costs with these new products.

One of the goals of this new technology is to greatly reduce the use of non-sustainable resources, such as fossil fuels. Analysis of pool heating before and after installation shows that some pool owners save hundreds, even thousands, over time. Efficiency increases in some systems by as much as five times, leaving a lot of money in the owner’s bank account even when the system is running around the clock.

running around the clock

Some Preliminary Study

When a property owner or business has invested in a swimming pool, it is absolutely necessary to keep the system as clean and efficient as possible, to avoid future problems and additional cost. Some companies that focus on using sustainable technology for pool heating conduct a detailed analysis of the pool and its systems before any discussion of the actual model that will work best. This process provides projected savings on energy costs as well as a comparison of different heating methods for pools.

As with many other projects, domestic or commercial, it is important to work with an experienced professional when selecting a pool heating system. Reliable information and a good working relationship can lead to huge savings. The pool owner can save energy and lessen the pool heating system’s environmental impact as well.

Some Preliminary Study