Bring out the best in you with Rhodiola Nutrilite


The astonishing effects of the Rhodiola herb have been known since decades. Of the many medicinal herbs that are found in different parts of the world, Rhodiola can be termed as something difficult to cultivate as it is only grown in harsh climate. While most kinds of medicinal plants can be cultivated in your backyard by following certain guidelines, it is difficult and almost impossible to grow Rhodiola herb domestically. But since different supplements are available which are made from this herb, you don’t have to travel to inhospitable regions to source the herb.

Benefits of Rhodiola Nutrilite

Rhodiola herb was first found to be effective in treating a kind of chronic depression found only in Russians. It was Dr. Ben Tabachnik who was a coach to Russian athletes, who brought this amazing herb to the US. He found that when this herb is used, it helped enhance the performance of athletes. It was in 1990s that the effects of this herb were begun to be acknowledged in the US. Of the many species found under the family of Rhodiola, it is the Rhodiola rosea species that has the highest medicinal properties. The first supplement to come from this herb was meant only for athletes and that was called Nutrilite 110.

But it was after a decade, in 2002, that the researchers in West gave a nod to the herb after finding that it was indeed very beneficial. In fact, Dr. Zakir Ramazanov’s book on the herb gave a new level of fame to the herb as the book featured different researches and even studies by the Soviet Union, which were hereby top secret. All these studies proved one thing that Rhodiola rosea herb or its supplements can give a competitive advantage to the users.

Hence, the supplements found to be much in demand in sports field, particularly by athletes. Many studies have pointed out the different benefits of Rhodiola rosea. One of the research findings was that the ingredients in Rhodiola rosea could bring down the levels of free fatty acids. It could also reduce the levels of blood lactate and plasma creatine kinase. It is also believed that the consumption of Rhodiola rosea herb supplements such as Nutrilite Rhodiola could also increase oxygen consumption in the body. The supplement is also helpful to increase physical as well as mental stamina.

Rhodiola Nutrilite is one of the most popular herb supplements and can be purchased online. The supplements contain the extracts of Rhodiola herb extract and also caffeine extracted from green tea. The ratio of the composition of both ingredients is 110:85 mg. As the supplements can enhance energy levels, it is very helpful to those who have an active lifestyle. Since sportspersons are required to be very active and are expected to be always on their feet, the supplement can be the best source of energy booster. Another benefit that the sportspersons can derive from the supplement is that they can recover from body’s stress levels rather quickly.