What You Need to Know about Scatters in Online Slots


What are scatters, also called scatter symbols, in online golden slot? This is perhaps one of the questions that have been puzzling you because you have decided to try your luck in slot games, like 3-reel slots, fruit slots and video slots. Scatters are special symbols that also have their place and value in the game, just like the wild symbols, which basically work in transforming into another symbol to help players win a combination in a payline. But scatters have their own functions. Learn more about these in today’s post, highlighting important information about these special slot symbols.

How Do Scatters Work?

Basically, they trigger bonus features and scatter payouts, but they do not replace or substitute for any other symbols or complete a winning combination just as wilds do. These special symbols do not also have to land within or on the same payline before they could activate an important feature, bonus included, which is why they are called scatter in the first place. They can show or appear in a scattered manner anywhere on the reels.

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At the very least, a golden slot player needs at least three to begin with a bonus game or make a free spin. But in other cases, these scatters can also work in re-triggering free spins or in functioning as a multiplier of the payout, making your slot games very exciting.

How special are scatter symbols? They are in the sense that they are the keys to unlocking fun features in a particular online slot, and as said, these symbols do not have to line up on a specific payline before you could win. These symbols only have to appear on anywhere on the reels, and then boom! One important thing to remember about them is that they are icons that cannot be substituted by wilds.

To detect the scatters, you can find them as a special graphic that represents the theme of a particular game.

Do All Online Slots Have Scatters?

Normally, you will find these in five-reel and progressive jackpot slots and not in many standard three-reel slot games. In some cases, they can also be in seven-reel slots and slots with bonuses. But remember, these symbols are game-specific. Developers have their different takes on scatters. In fact, scatters are only icons, and in some, they simply pay out a winning combo, something true with simpler slots that don’t come with bonus events outside of scatter and wild payouts.

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And how do you know if the game you’re playing has scatters? Read it from the paytable, which you can easily find in the gaming screen. Just click it and a box will open up, revealing information on slot symbols, such as wild symbols, bonus symbols and scatters.

This is the same exact reason that you must take some time in reading the paytable before proceeding with a game so that you can understand your winning potentials as well as the values and effects of wilds, bonus features and scatters in your slot game. In the paytable, you will also find details on how these symbols work, their payouts and winning combinations, as well as ways on how they can activate bonuses.

Play Golden Slot with Scatters

These slot icons make the games even more exciting, as they can move about anywhere on the reels! Summing up, these slot symbols can be a multiplier, a key to unlock bonus features, including mini games and free spins, and a fixed prize, and many of them can do at least one of these functions at the same time. Nevertheless, learn more how these scatter symbols work to have more fun in your slot sessions.