How to Edit the Background of Your Photo with Movavi Photo Editor


Removing a background can be frustrating when you try to remove it with an advanced photo editing tool. There are a lot of complicated steps in using an advanced photo editor to remove a background so you should find an easy to use photo editor with background removal feature if you are a beginner. Movavi Photo Editor features a background removal tool that can effectively erase away the background of your photo without leaving a single trace of it. Movavi Photo Editor is available as a trial version that is valid for 7 days. The software need to be installed before you can use it so make sure you run the setup after downloading the download file.

Once Movavi Photo Editor is installed, you must launch it and load the picture with the background you want to change into the software. To edit background of a photo, you should first prepare the picture that you want to use as the new background on your desktop so that you can conveniently insert it afterwards. The first step is to click the Browse for Images button and choose the picture with the unwanted background from your computer. When the picture is loaded into the software, it will appear in the preview screen. Next, you must navigate to the Background Removal tab. In the Background Removal tab, you will find two steps that you must complete in order to have the background removed and insert a new background picture.

You must complete step 1 first before the step 2 tab will be unlocked. In step 1, you have to use the green brush tool to select the foreground. You are supposed to trace the outline of the subjects with the green brush tool. If you trace the outline wrong, you can draw it again. After selecting the red brush tool, you must use it to draw a red line on the background that you want to remove. The yellow boundary line will appear over the subjects with the green outline. You can change the smoothness of the yellow boundary by clicking on the scales of 1 – 3.

You have the option of setting the background with a solid color or using another picture as the new background. There is a color picker tool that let you choose the solid color that you want to fill in the transparent background. If you want to use another picture as the new background, make sure it is the same size of the photo in order to get the best result. You can check the resolution of the photo that you have added as the new background at the bottom. The blur edges slider allows you to blur the edges of the subjects in the photo. The shift edges slider will smooth out the jagged edges that is the result of drawing the green outline on the subjects inaccurately. You can click the undo button to undo the changes by one step. Clicking the Revert Changes button will revert your photo to the original version. You must not forget to click on the Save as button to save the photo with the new background in a suitable image format.