3 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle


The Motorcycle has been around almost as long as there have been cars. But the amount of people who ride regularly is much lower than those who drive cars. There are nearly 20 million registered cars in Australia, compared to about 250,000 registered bikes. Obviously, many of those vehicles are shipping goods or have multiple passengers. But people are much less likely to choose a motorcycle for transportation. This is because for the most part, people are followers and society is more risk averse than ever. In short, the hive mind is powerful, and the percentage of people who choose their own way is very low. If this were not so, the motorcycle would be much more common of the streets, based on its many advantages.

  1. Economical: There are countries where motorcycles outnumber cars. In many of these countries the cost effectiveness of a motorcycle over a car, makes the decision simple. But here is the surprise. The cost effectiveness of motorcycles is just as valid in developed nations, as it is in developing nations. But our affluence makes this factor less important. Motorcycles are cheaper to purchase, cheaper to operate, cheaper to repair, and even to park. You can finance Yamaha Motorcycles the same as a car, but with a much lower payment. Bikes also have a much smaller environmental cost. In short, motorcycles are the responsible choice.
  2. Convenient: If you have ever spent time on a motorcycle in heavy traffic, you will see the advantage right away. Your ability to split lanes and filter to the front is a massive time saver. But motorcycles are convenient in other ways. There is always some place to park and often for free. You aren’t limited to the roadways, so the number of shortcuts available is innumerable, and don’t forget the trails you can hit that don’t work for cars.
  3. Multi Sensual Driving Experience: You don’t drive a motorcycle, you ride it. You are part of the suspension and you turn the bike by shifting your mass. You feel the g-force and the wind in your face. You hear the tires on the road and every nuance of your engine’s performance. You see everything around you, including the sky above. On a motorcycle you are aware and alive.

Motorcycles make sense for so many reasons, it is a crime that so few people have the courage to go against the mainstream. It makes sense to get a vehicle that is not only a great value, but it also instils vitality as you ride. Even as a second vehicle, the question should be, does it make sense to buy a car, when a bike will do the job?