Five Must-Try Craft Beer Cocktails


What’s better than enjoying a delicious craft beer? A craft beer cocktail, of course! Whether you love a pale ale, golden lager or wheat beer, you can experiment with cocktails. Maybe you’ll find your next go-to house party drink.

  1. Cranberry Prosecco

This is a delicious cocktail, best served at casual parties and holiday gatherings. This festive drink will cheer anyone up!

To make this delicious treat, you need chilled cranberry juice, prosecco, and wheat or pale ale. Start by combining sugar and cranberry juice in a pitcher. Add your wheat ale, then wait for the foam to dissipate. Fill the glasses with this cranberry and ale mix before topping it off with prosecco.

  1. Lagerita

If you’re looking for a fresher feature that highlights your favourite crafted lager, you can make some lagerita. To make this refreshing drink, mix lime juice, tequila, and a citrusy liquor. Top the margarita with some bright golden lager or IPA craft beer. It’s the perfect summer craving.

  1. Lemon Pilsner Cocktail

For the pilsner lovers out there, this cocktail is bright, refreshing, cool, and easy to make. Mix some gin with fresh lemon juice and honey in a pitcher vigorously. Fill a glass with ice, pour the trio, and then fill up the remaining portion of the glass with a craft pilsner. You can add an optional dash of Angostura bitters. Serve with lemon wedges.

  1. Raspberry Ale

This raspberry whiskey cocktail topped with a fruity pale ale is to die for. It has a gorgeous colour and an equally impressive flavour. Using ripe raspberries with fresh lemon and mint gives you the perfect sweet-sour balance.

To create this tasty concoction, begin by smashing and muddling raspberries and mint together in a shaker. Then add some bourbon or vanilla-toned rye whiskey, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Add some crushed ice, frozen berries, and shake well. Pour into a glass, top with a craft ale, and voila! You have a drink for every season.

  1. Michelada

Don’t have a sweet tooth? Need something to make your brunch refreshing? Then Michelada is the perfect drink. Take your choice of lager (Mexican is traditional), and add some Worcestershire and Tabasco sauces to it. Mix some lime juice in it and a little bit of tomato juice as well. Top the spicy drink off with some lime wedges. You can add spices such as chilli powder too, depending on your liking.