A Look at the Key Benefits of Hiring your Linen


Running any type of business in the hospitality sector will involve a lot of hard work and dedication, and anything you can do to reduce the amount of money and work involved the better. While washing and ironing bed sheets and table cloths may sound like one of the simpler jobs that you will have to undertake within your business, it is something that isn’t as easy as many people think. When you have as few as 10 rooms, you will need to have at least 20 sets of pillow cases, sheets and duvet covers – not to mention bath towels and floor mats – and keeping all of these clean and ready for use is a hard target to meet.

When you need to do this day in, day out and if you have more than 30 or 40 rooms, this quickly becomes an arduous task to get right. In fact, many businesses go under from the pressure that these types of ‘simple’ jobs can pile onto a company and it is far easier to simply hire your linen from an outside specialist company rather than buy it and also employ them to do the laundry for you. Companies such as Stalbridge Linen service hotels, pubs, and golf clubs throughout Middlesbrough are a great example of the type of company you want to employ to provide you with all of the linen you need at a price that you can afford to reduce your outgoings and the amount of on-site work that needs to be done.

Businesses that Benefit

Any business that is involved in the hospitality sector may benefit from renting linen from a specialist company in a number of different ways. Not only do you avoid the cost of having to invest in tens, hundreds or even thousands of pieces of linen but you also get to benefit from being able to use a laundry service through the rental company.

The time and money that can be saved by hiring linen is beneficial to all of the following types of companies:

  • Hotels
  • B&Bs
  • Golf clubs
  • Pubs
  • Motels
  • Hostels
  • Bakeries
  • Cafés
  • Bars
  • Restaurants

Any type of business that offers its guests beds, bathrooms, drinks or food can hire everything from bed sheets to chef clothes to avoid the cost of having to invest in them.

From large hotels with hundreds of rooms to equip with bed sheets, pillow cases and duvets through to restaurants with tables to decorate with cloths and serviettes; all kinds of businesses can benefit from hiring their linen rather than buying their own.

Advantages of Linen Hire

So, just what are the advantages to hiring your linen rather than buying your own?

  • You don’t have to find a large lump sum of money to buy brand new linen and spare linen to equip every room or an entire restaurant with
  • The stock of linen will be updated by the supplier
  • There is no need to pay members of staff to operate an in-house laundry room, meaning you save time training and you save money paying a salary to on-site employees
  • You don’t need to pay out to equip a laundry room
  • You can save time as there is no need to research which brands offer good value or luxury linen, as the linen hire company will have this information for you
  • It gives you more flexibility when it comes to changing the products you use
  • Linen will be replaced when it gets worn
  • You can choose between a range of colours and designs
  • If you know a busy period is coming up, it is easy to place an order for more linen solely for that period


While the most obvious benefit of hiring linen either for a restaurant or a hotel is that it is the cheapest option, there are also many other benefits that are listed above that ensure linen hire is something that many successful restaurants and hotels now take full advantage of.

Business of all Sizes

The great thing about hiring linen is that it suits all sizes and types of businesses. So, whether you have been up and running for 30 years or you are a brand new start-up, you will save both time and money by hiring your linen rather than buying it. You get the benefit that your linen will always be of a high standard and it gives you the flexibility to increase and decrease stock as and when needed.

From restaurants that seat hundreds of diners each night, to B&Bs that cater to six people at a time; it doesn’t matter how big your business is – having an outside company provide you with linen and take care of it for you can be a productive way to grow and improve any business and here’s why:

  • All of the stress and hassle of running a laundry room will be handed over to a specialist company off-site, meaning you don’t need to cover sick or holiday days, train staff or manage them
  • Your in-house team of employees can concentrate on doing their own jobs, ensuring they are being as productive as possible in their own roles
  • The cost of investing into linen and a fully equipped laundry room is removed from your outgoings
  • As worn linen will be replaced by the hire company, there is no need to worry about finding the capital to reinvest into new items in a few years

The flexibility to be able to change the style and look of your restaurant or rooms without having to pay for new linen can be a great way to reinvent or rebrand a business and it also helps to keep things fresh and moving forward in the right direction, as what is in fashion one year may not look so fashionable a few years down the line and you can simply swap your linen for a new design whenever you want.