Being Careful About Where You Step


You are out for a walk, and then the next thing you know, you are on your face in a horrid mud puddle. What just happened? Particularly as we age, the danger of slipping and falling becomes much greater. A wise person protects their body from doing things that could damage it.

One of the first additions to your wardrobe should be some solid non-slip shoes. At major stores, they are commonly sold as restaurant shoes, or leather shoes. Buy a pair of these. Another good option is the athletic foot shoes, or shoes made to wrap around your foot. These let your foot naturally grip the ground like you are barefoot.

Often times, the longing to fit fashion trends pushes us to wear shoes that are unhealthy for our feet, and can contribute to a nasty accident. If you are a lady who likes to wear high heels, remember that high heels put your body’s center of gravity in a different place than your inner ear is naturally used to. High heels can contribute to a greater risk of an accident as you are walking up steps. Go for princess slippers instead.

Another good tip to make the risk of a fall much less is stay underweight. The Japanese have an excellent saying, “Hara Hachi Bu.” This means that you should eat until you are only 80% full. This provides your body with energy, but does not over stuff you. If you have excess fat on your body, it can contribute to a risk of an accident. Having too much weight makes it hard to stay balanced. Exercise frequently. Consider taking a bike to work. These sort of steps can keep the weight off and prevent the risk of an accident.

Siegfried & Jensen are in business to protect clients from work related accidents. They desire to make sure that every person who has an accident at work has proper legal representation if it was because of negligence on the part of the employer. Many employers do not take enough attention to designing their floors and staircases to accommodate physically limited people. Their goal is to make sure that hurt people are not helpless in their legal options against negligent employers. A good building is designed to keep people safe.