Background of Land Casinos


Even from ancient times people have shown interest in gambling. Some historians believe that gambling was practiced even before 2000 BC in some Asian countries. Various forms of gambling have been adopted by all civilizations on Earth. However, the history of the modern casinos is not that old, extending only in the last 5 centuries. If you wish to know more such information, please visit some popular websites like 12bet.

Italy would be the origin of the casinos, were they have appeared as gambling clubs. The wealthiest Italian aristocrats, which were also named ridotti, have created these private gambling clubs. These powerful people met in their private summer houses or small villas in Italy in order to perform their activities. This kind of property is called casa in Italy, and this is the term that stands at the route of the term casino. When the not so wealthy people discovered ridotti`s gambling activities, they decided to join and the casinos began to flourish all over the country. However, some parts of the Italian society considered gambling as an illegal activity. Due to the increased popularity, casinos became legal after a short period of time.

Casino di Venezia was practically the first legal casino in Italy. Ridotti decided to open this casino in Venice in 1638. Only people who had money to gamble were allowed in the four story building, which hosted a variety of card casino games. In modern times, this structure is one of the primary attractions of Venice after its reopening in the 20th century.

Other cities on Europe decided to open their very own casino after seeing the success of the Casino di Venezia. However, they are far from the impressive architectural structures that highlight the modern casinos. It is in the 18th century when these casinos started to appear. Baden-Baden is practically on the most impressive casinos of the 18th century, and it is located in the German city that has the same name. People had the experience to observe some massive pillars and a plush lawn in the Baden-Baden Casino. Tourists and gamblers visited this casino regularly. Monte Carlo, Monaco was the next big city that embraced the casino gambling activities at that time.