Create Your Private Australian Oasis with Awnings


There’s nothing better than enjoying the warm Australian sun and relaxing on the balcony.  Occasionally though, the weather doesn’t cooperate, and instead of a peaceful day spent basking in the sun, you’re met with the prospect of spending the day getting splattered with raindrops.  Other times, the rays of the sun are just too bright, causing your relaxing afternoon to feel more like a tanning bed session and less like a relaxing afternoon enjoying the fresh air.  Fortunately, there are attractive drop arm awnings available to provide protection from the elements while adding a unique touch to your humble abode.

What is a Drop Arm Awning?

Drop arm awnings are essentially a shade that can be hung to provide coverage for windows on the exterior of your home’s doorways, any balconies you may have, or even public storefronts.  These awnings have two different types of arms, balcony or curved arms, and the style used in your awning will depend on the application. There are also three different tension options available for the arms; without tension, medium tension, and with full tension. As there are a multitude of available options for fabric colour, component colour, arm style, and more, even the most discerning of aesthetic tastes will be able to build the perfect modern awning.

Benefits of Drop Arm Awnings

The benefits that stem from installing drop arm awnings in Melbourne properties are numerous, with the most obvious benefit being the ability of the owner to control the weather they experience when they choose to enjoy some time outside.  You will be able to enjoy your balcony or patio on even the rainiest of days, as well as on the days when the sun is shining high and bright. Lab tests show that an awning can reduce temperatures by up to twenty degrees, just by providing sun coverage. If you’ve planned an outdoor gathering with friends, but the weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating, an awning gives you the ability to make an easy adjustment to account for inclement weather. You will be able to block bothersome moisture with the push of a button, rather than scrambling to come up with some alternative solution.

Another benefit of installing drop arm awnings is that you are also able to reduce energy costs by shading windows on the sunniest of days. These awnings will block the sun’s powerful UV rays to keep cooling costs low, while also adding an attractive personal touch to your property at the same time.  Awnings also protect your carpets and patio furniture by shielding them from UV rays, which can cause fading and fabric deterioration over extended periods of time.

The ease of setup is another benefit that the homeowner enjoys during the installation of these attractive shades.  Gear operated models are available for a speedy setup, and motor controlled awnings can be operated inside of the home for immediate coverage.  With some minor maintenance and care, these handsome additions to the outdoor space of a home represent an investment that the homeowner will enjoy for many years to come. Awnings add to the resale value of a home as well, which can come in handy down the road.