Scientific Experiments Declare 5-HTP Safe for Human Body


If you are suffering from frequent mood swings and loss of focus then here is a solution for you. You may likely be suffering from deficiency of amino acids. Although you can procure the amino acids in foods such as poultry, eggs, lentils, beans and red meat that are rich in proteins, sometimes a supplement is necessary to keep your systems great going. The 5-HTP is a natural body component is made from Tryptophan, an amino acid.  There has been an ongoing wondering about the effectiveness and safety of using this product. A recent scientific experiment revealed that 5-HTP is not associated with severe side effects and it is safe to use.

Usage and Availability of 5-HPT Supplements

Sometimes, your body may face problems due to less production of Tryptophan and you may suffer some problems such as mood swings and also helps to raise the Serotonin levels that leads to increase in appetite and helps you to relax and also gives a sense of happiness. It is also used for the treatment of depression and regulation of moods.

5-HTP is generally procured from the Griffolica Simplicifolia plant that is available in Central and Western Africa. The seeds of this plat contains up to 20% HTP by weight. If you consume this 5 HTP, then the tryptophan is broken down in the liver into 5-HTP which then travels to the brain through bloodstreams. Once it reaches the brain, it is then converted to Serotonin which impacts many of your cognitive functions such as moods, logical reasoning, memory and sleep. Thus, Serotonin is an important factor for maintaining a healthy and stable mental state.

Sometimes, some Serotonin in the brain is also converted to Melatonin that maintains circadian rhythm. This conversion generally takes place in the evening and in the night.


5-HTP shall be consumed at a regular dosage for 8 weeks. Under no circumstances it should be taken 150-500 mg. This helps to get rid of mental depression. 5-HTP is sometimes compared to fluvoxamine or imipramine for curing many symptoms of depression.

This makes the management of stress regulation easily and helps to get proper sleep when desired. Oral use of 5-HPT has been proven to be not associated with severe side effects. You can get these supplements of 5-HTP online or from any medical store.

Thus it can be said that managing your stress and making yourself free from depression was never as easy as it is with the help of supplements of 5-HTP.  With smooth regulation of your nerves, you can relax and also not be affected with the dangerous side effects that are associated with the intake of heavy drugs. You can lead a happy and safe life free from any tension and anxiety as the necessary amino acids reach your body with the intake of supplements of 5-HTP.Make yourself free from all sorts of stress and enjoy you sleep to the fullest. Since no side effect is associated with the use of supplements of 5-HTP, you can consume this without any tension.