Signs Indicating a Visit to Orthodontics for Dental Implants


Unhealthy or missing tooth can make eating, drinking and laughing less comfortable. Even a broken tooth or the one with an old filling can supply an uneasy eating experience. Fortunately, you can opt for dental implants to regain self-confidence and rediscover the joy of eating as well as smile.

Telltale signs to visit a dentist

  • Tooth pain & sensitivity
  • Broken or chipped tooth
  • Bone loss in jaw affecting facial appearance
  • Embarrassment due to missing tooth
  • Bumpy dentures


Dental implants – An Overview

A ‘cap’ is placed on malformed or damaged tooth for protection and change appearance of discoloured tooth. Today, implants dentaires [implants centres] make use of new technology. A tooth crown is fitted in one day. It is designed for long term use.

Benefits of dental implants

  • Preserves jaw bone structure
  • Supports adjacent teeth health
  • Teeth look, feel as well as function naturally
  • Concern regarding time spent on maintenance and hygiene gets reduced

Cost comparison

Dental implants are expensive than bridge work. The upfront cost is more. They last for more than 20 years, whereas bridge work lasts for 10 years. Therefore, when you consider the replacement cost for bridge work, it seems that dental implants are more affordable.

Prevents bone loss

Dental implants are logical choice because implants stabilize the bone and prevent expected bone loss due to missing teeth. Dental implants connect jawbone and acts as root substitute preventing bone loss. Thus, the sunken look of your face is prevented.

Long term solution

Damaged teeth are vulnerable and may not be able to deal with full replacement. They have a coating, which protects them from any decay. In this long term solution, you save time, effort and money because your dental health is protected, thus decreasing necessary future work.

Regain confidence and appearance

Teeth colour is altered because people interact with lots of beverage and food. People seeking help for discoloured teeth treatment can opt for permanent solution like dental implants. It not only covers the discoloured tooth, but eliminates extensive follow up treatment like tooth whitening.

Dental specialists and a surgeon along with the crown building technician collaborate and plan the dental implant process. This long term approach taken up in a collaborative manner will make sure that your oral health is taken care of efficiently.

With dental implants you will not just feel at ease but confident too!