How to Become a SAP Consultant?


SAP is one of the best ERPs out there and almost the entire world is after people with SAP skills for jobs as SAP consultant. SAP Consultant is a Subject Matter Expert on basis, development, functional or business/sales domains of SAP. The job of a consultant is to advise and recommend with respect to the SAP domains.

Primary ERP modules like SAP SD are very popular and it’s also easy to find SAP SD jobs. A career in this field is one of the most demanded jobs in the industry. If you want to make a career as a SAP consultant, then this is what you need to do:

  1. Gain SAP Knowledge:

To be a consultant, you must be an expert in SAP. You need extensive module-specific SAP knowledge. You should have domain knowledge as well for whichever domain you are planning to become a consultant in. Consultants also need to interface with clients.

  1. Obtain Certification:

Having SAP knowledge is useless without having some certification to prove it. Almost all companies either look for certification or actual SAP projects. If you have neither then it would be really difficult to get a SAP consultant job. The training for SAP can be a little expensive, but the values it entails are priceless. Therefore, you should definitely obtain certification.

  1. Join aConsulting Company:

You can always learn SAP on the job by joining any IT consultancy like Infosys, Deloitte or IBM as junior consultant and learn SAP on the job. You should have good domain knowledge to get this job also. Therefore, make sure you have domain knowledge. After gaining experience, you can either get promoted as SAP consultant or you could get a new job at a different company. SAP consultant openings are everywhere as the supply is less and demand is more.

  1. Join as SAP Support Trainee:

A company where SAP is implemented could be your starting job. You could get hired as a support personnel or trainee and work your way up towards your ultimate SAP consultant goal. The company might even sponsor your SAP training and certification. All you need to do is find a company that would give a fresher a SAP job.

  1. Join SAP Projects as a Different Niche Person:

A lot of projects in SAP require people from different niches. A data conversion individual is needed by a lot of SAP projects. In case you have good skills in SQL and databases, then you can join a SAP project and learn with the team.

As you can see from the above tips, the most important thing SAP consultant openings need is a skilled individual.Therefore,if you make yourself skilled enough, the job for SAP consultant is all yours.