SopharmaTribesten Use to Get the Best Effect


Testosterone is a well-known natural hormone that is present in the body which is required for different purposes. It is popularly known as a male sex hormone required for the development of the secondary characters in the body. There are many derivatives of the hormone are present in the market that leads to an increase in the levels in the body after intake. This effect leads to an increase in the growth of the muscles in the body.  Many companies market artificial synthesizedtestosterone-like steroids. Another common way that many people prefer is by use of natural stimulants like Tribestan. It is an important fact to understand about the composition and effect of any pills before use.


Tribestan is a drug that has been marketed by a Bulgarian pharmaceutical company called Sopharma. This company has made a name in the development of the phytochemical drugs, and one of the most popular brands is Tribestan. It contains an extract of the Tribulus terrestris,a plant of the Tribestan origin that helps in boosting the testosterone levels in the body by activating the leutinizing hormone. It is due to this reason that people using this drug often observe an increase in the muscle as it increases the level of protein synthesizes in the body. At the same time, it enhances the testosterone levels by about 45%.  Another effect of theuse of any testosterone supplement is that it leads to an increase in the libido that has uses for male sperm fertility increase.

Sopharma ensures that none of the active natural componentscontain any harmful contaminants in the tablets. An active component of the pills is known as Protodioscin, which has been used in the enhanced artificially in some of the supplements.

Legal use of the drug

Most of the steroid alternatives of testosterone are artificial, and the use has short or long-term side effects. The side effects include hair loss or acne. Many people on prolonged use do render themselves inactive,therefore no longer gives the desired muscles in the body. It is due to this reason that it has been used with other supplements that help them cross the plateau phase in a cycle. Another problem is that many of the testosterone alternatives are a controlled substance.   It is due to this reason that people cannot buy them in the in large quantities. In such cases, the use of alternative natural supplements like Tribestan becomes a boon. The absence of artificial products does not inhibit the natural testosterone levels in the body and can be used without the fear of any legal action.

Effect of Tribestan use

Some controversies have surrounded Tribestan use. One group of people believes that it is an adequate supplement whereas others do not. This difference is mainly because each peoplehave different bodies with varying habits and lifestyles.  This reason at times can lead to such variation.  Tribestan use like most supplement increases the muscle formation in the body. People often uses it for male sperm fertility enhancement with an increase in the libido.  Most of the testosterone supplements are not recommended for the use in females since it can cause a deregulation in the estrogen (female sex hormone) to testosterone levels. Tribestan, on the other hand,is a natural supplement can be used for males and females effectively without causing such change.