Smart Results From theNootropic Drugs


Phenibut is a drug from the group of nootropics with mild effects of a tranquilizer (anxiolytics). As a nootropicFenibut improves the functioning of the brain, increases mental performance, memory and attention, as well as normalizes blood circulation in the central nervous system. Effects of tranquilizer Fenibut cause his ability to stop anxiety, fear, anxiety and asthenia, as well as normalize sleep. The drug is used to treat asthenic, anxious and neurotic conditions, neuroses, insomnia, Meniere’s disease, narcotic or alcohol withdrawal, alcoholic delirium, as well as stuttering, tics and urinary incontinence in children. Also, Phenibut can be used once to prevent motion sickness and for the purpose of premedication for anesthesia.

The Compositions

Forms and composition of Phenibut Currently, Phenibut is available in two dosage forms – tablets and powders for oral administration. The drug is manufactured by various pharmaceutical plants under the commercial names “Fenibut” and “Fenibut-ANVI”. Both Fenibut and Fenibut-ANVI are the same medicinal product, which the manufacturers registered under slightly different names. In addition to the name, there are simply no other differences between Phenibut and Fenibut-ANVI, since both drugs are produced by different pharmaceutical plants, but by the same technology developed. To buy phenibut now you will be able to have the best options within your budget now.

Auxilary Components

Phenibut powders as auxiliary components include potato starch, lactose and stearic calcium. Despite the fact that the preparation is manufactured by various factories, the composition and proportion of the auxiliary components are generally the same, since the same technology is used.Dosage and Producers Phenibut tablets are available in a single dosage – 250 mg, and powders – 100 mg each. These dosages can be indicated in two ways – 250 mg and 100 mg, or 0.25 g and 0.1 g, which is a designation of the same amount of substance in different units of measurement (milligrams and grams).

The Main Substances

The active substance aminophenylbutyric acid is a derivative of phenylethylamine and gammaaminobutyric acid (GABA). And GABA is a brain metabolite, that is, a substance that is used by the structures of the central nervous system to ensure metabolism and maintain efficient functioning of brain cells. According to the spectrum of therapeutic effects, GABA is referred to nootropics – drugs that improve memory, attention and effectiveness of mental work. A phenylethylamine has the properties of a tranquilizer, that is, it removes anxiety, anxiety and fear, and also normalizes sleep and working capacity during the day. Therefore, the final derivative of GABA and phenylethylamine is a nootropic substance with the properties of a tranquilizer.

Preference for You

Some scientists prefer to refer Fenibut to a group of tranquilizers, rather than nootropics, because they consider anxiolytic effects to be more important and necessary for the therapy of various disorders accompanied by anxiety. However, this approach is one-sided, since the drug combines the properties of both nootropy and a tranquilizer. The most rational classification position is the attribution of Fenibut to a group of nootropics with weak tranquilizer properties, effective in the presence of neurotic-like conditions in a person characterized by the simultaneous presence of a feeling of inner tension with tearfulness, liability of mood, feebleness and excessive emotional reaction to stimuli. When you buy phenibut you will have to keep that in mind.