Few Helpful Indications to Know When Your Child can have First Eye Examination


Parents are always concerned about their kid’s health. They try every means to keep their children in good health. They make sure to have general health checkup as suggested by the pediatrician. In regular checkup, eye health exam is not included, as it isn’t a common health care procedure and many parents are eager to know the details about it like when is the right time for their kid to have the first eye test.

Here are few lines about first eye health exam of a kid –

A skilled Ophthalmologist always advises parents to get the eye exam done as soon as possible. This helps in detecting any visual health issues in the early stage which can be treated in a simple way.

Generally, parents have a wrong conception that eye exam is done to know whether their child needs to wear glasses or not. Eye exam results help in taking the right preventive care to safe guard the health of your infant eyes.

By the age of one, children are recommended to have their first eye care exam. Then repeated eye exams can be done before the schooling age of the child. Some children need compulsory eye examination as early as possible. It may be before the age of one due to certain factors.

Infants who need an eye exam as early as possible are as follows –

  • Babies who are prematurely born.
  • If the infant weighs less than normal for his/her age.
  • The new born baby had suffered from low oxygen level at birth.
  • There are any vision problems in the infant’s family like congenital cataracts, retinoblastoma or other genetic diseases.
  • The baby has strabismus or crossed eyes.
  • While having general body checkup, medical physician detects an eye issue.

It is best to diagnose in the early stage to prevent any major complications which may even lead to loss of eye sight. Often parents think of eye check up when their kids start going to school.  Considering your family history you need to consult a good experienced eye specialist as soon as possible. Most importantly the doctor in eye care near me will give you appropriate advice to take care of your child’s eyes. Thus it will be best to have eye check up in the early months of your new born baby to be on safer side.