5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Strip Clubs!


Regardless of the gender, most people who have visited a known strip club agree that the ambience and experience is worth paying for. Beautiful girls, amazing music, and choice of drinks work together to offer a perfect evening of fun and excitement. If you are new to the concept and want to visit an adult club in Houston, here are 7 things worth knowing!

  • A strip club might not be same as a gentlemen’s club. The latter is more formal and definitely upscale and posh, where you are expected to be in a certain outfit, and the crown is much more decent. While the terms are often as a replacement of one another, a good strip club is as good as adult clubs, at least in the up-market areas.

  • You can ask or refuse a lap dance. Yes, that’s right. Most people visit strip clubs with the idea of getting a lap dance, but that comes for a price, and yes, if the stripper comes to you, there is always the choice to say a polite no. A lap dance are offered in a different room and doesn’t last for more than one song.
  • Strippers are not escorts. Many people believe that strippers are there to offer escort services, which is not true, at least for some of the better strip clubs. A selected number of clubs do have an undercover escort business, but that’s not the case with the better names. To be more precise, don’t expect a happy ending with your stripper.
  • Tipping is not a choice. You cannot go to strip clubs and not have cash. Tipping is critical if you want to have fun with the strippers. Keep in mind that strippers work for money, so for the close brush you get with those stunning ladies, there’s a charge for it. You are expected to tip, and the more, the better.
  • You cannot go to the stage, unless invited. Many people have that idea from movies, but no, you are not allowed to go to the stage of the strippers, unless one of them invites you for the same. Usually, that comes with a good tip.

If you behave well with the strippers and follow the basic rules at strip club, you are likely to have fun. And yes, don’t forget to order your share of bar services, which is a must at most places.