How to Pass a Hair Drug Test without Using Detox Methods?


It will become harder to pass a drug test because they are improving the test process but if you know certain methods, you will be fine for a new few years. The problem is that most people that pass it use detoxification products that are found on the internet. There are many brands online but only a couple of them have proven that they work in 99% of the time if properly used.

If you don’t support these products because they can harm you, there are some possibilities that can’t assure that you will be negative on the test. It’s true that detox shampoos will damage your hair visibly so it can be a better idea to try doing it naturally. If you plan to do so, be careful what you read on the internet because many recipes won’t work. There are many myths regarding cheating the drug test.

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Hair Follicle Toxins

The hair drug test is looking for unwanted toxins in the hair follicle and the main task is to find traces of drugs. Out of four types of tests, this one is the most reliable and a lot of companies are implementing it into their testing routine. The problem is that it’s more expensive than a urine test which is also much easier to cheat on. There are different ways of doing it without putting anything in your system.

You always have two options when it comes to cheating on these tests and they include doing it naturally and with detox products. These products don’t have to be made specifically for this occasion but ones that are, have a higher chance of success. When you don’t want to damage your hair or body, it will be harder to pass it if you are a regular user.

Toxins will stay in your hair for a long time and shaving it won’t help much. You will need to shave the whole body in order to skip being tested but there are always other types of tests. So, shaving your head won’t work. It doesn’t matter what drug you are taking, it will show up in the results if you did it in the last three months. But, because your hair grows slowly, it won’t detect if you smoked weed the day before. Read more on this link.

Is It Possible to Pass the Test Naturally?

The simple answer is yes but that won’t save your job because in most cases you don’t have enough time. To pass the test without detox methods or to do it naturally means that you will only wash your hair with regular shampoos and keep it clean without using any drug. This means that you will have to wait until new hair grows. Because they are testing you for the past three months, it means that you have to wait at least that much to pass it but it usually takes around 100 days. For most people, this isn’t the way to go so in order to pass it in one or two weeks, you will have to use some kind of product.

Myths and Facts

The most popular myth is that you can cut your hair so they won’t be able to take a sample. Not only that this isn’t true but if you do it, they will have to take a sample from your armpit or other parts of the body where the traces of toxins can be detected easier. Only one to two inches of hair is needed as a sample. Many forums will tell you that a certain hair product will for sure cleanse your hair. A product that will work in 100% of cases doesn’t exist so be careful who you trust on the internet and if you plan to buy a product, look for a reputable seller.

There is a myth that you can collect your hair from a brush and provide it as a sample. This myth is false for two reasons. The first thing you need to know that unlike the urine sample, a hair sample is taken by testers so you won’t be able to provide your own. Even if you do provide a sample from a brush, it is very unreliable. The period that is tested is unreliable and it might happen that they request another sample because of difficulties in getting results.

No one likes to be a secondhand smoker and get paranoid if they are constantly exposed to smoke that may affect them in some way. There is less than 3% chance that you will turn out positive if you are a passive smoker so don’t worry if your friends always smoke around you. One important fact is that the hair test won’t detect current impairment. You have a window of 7 days to do whatever you like because it takes that much for toxins to get into your hair.

Passing the Test in Couple of Days

Most likely, you won’t get in the situation where your job depends on the test that is in a couple of days. There isn’t a natural way to pass it in under 48 hours and even if you plan to use detox products, the risk is high. What detox shampoos actually does is destroy your hair in order to get rid of toxins.

How much you want to damage your hair will depend on you and the product you get. It would be best if you have a week so you won’t need to wash your hair three times a day. If you have seven days before the test, you can wash your hair with a detox shampoo once a day but you need to follow the instruction carefully.

The chemicals in these products can hurt if it gets into your eyes or you might experience slight burns at your scalp. That’s why you shouldn’t try cleaning it in one day. The damage can be large and you might lose some of your hair. Many home remedies will help out but the success rate isn’t as high as some people claim.