Keep Your Home Safe with Professional Asbestos Abatement


Asbestos is a mineral fibre found in rock and soil. This mineral fibre is resistant to heat and flexible, which has made it extremely useful. The fibres are also resistant to electricity and chemicals. Due to its properties, asbestos is commonly used in manufacturing products.

Have you recently built a new home? Do you drive a vehicle? Asbestos is used in various construction materials and automotive parts. Asbestos is also found in textiles used for clothing, upholstery, curtains, and other products.

Understand Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos fibres are extremely small. They separate into even smaller pieces when they are managed and dispersed through the air. It is easy to breathe in these small particles, which can lead to significant health issues.

Asbestos is extremely beneficial due to its properties. However, it can be just as toxic and harmful if consumed. If you are exposed to asbestos, the fibres can build up in your lungs. If you experience prolonged exposure to asbestos, you may experience negative health side effects.

Those with pre-existing lung conditions or smokers will be more affected by asbestos exposure. Smoking irritates the passages of your lungs. Smoking also clogs your lungs. Due to the negative side effects of smoking, your lungs are unable to remove asbestos fibres as easily as non-smokers.

Asbestos exposure can cause:

  • Lung cancer
  • Mesothelioma
  • Pleural plaques
  • Asbestosis

Should I Clean If I Think That My Home Has High Levels of Asbestos?

If you think your home has a high level of asbestos, it is important to call a professional. You may want to vacuum, dust, or sweep to clean your home. These activities will lead to further exposure. Asbestos fibres are extremely small.

Dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming will stir the asbestos in the air, enhance exposure, and cause further negative health side effects. Instead of cleaning, you and your family should limit all activities around the exposure. You should also remove yourself and your family from the toxic area.

Hiring a Professional

Professionals offering asbestos removal services in Perth are trained, certified, licenced, and experienced. They will have the proper equipment to safely remove the asbestos, making your home safe again.

Professionals have the proper personal protective clothing, understand how to prep the work area, and know how to properly manage and dispose of asbestos waste. Some areas do not require you to hire a professional legally. However, the benefits of hiring a professional exceed the legal requirements. You can sleep soundly knowing that you and your family are safe from asbestos exposure.