Finding A Reputable Company To Service & Clean Your HVAC System


When your property uses an air handling system, you will need to keep it in excellent working condition to ensure it is fit for doing its intended job. You can often prevent many problems when regular maintenance and repairs are done on these units, so you must ensure you have a suitable company for the job. If you do not already have a company to service or repair your HVAC system, below are some tips to help you find the best one for the job who can keep it fully working and in excellent condition.

Know What System You Have

The first thing you will want to do is ensure you know the make and models of the systems you use in your building. Hopefully, you will still have the documentation from when it was installed, and you may find recommendations in this of companies to use for servicing and repairs. However, if this is not the case, knowing the systems you have in your building will help you find a suitable company that can help maintain the units and replace the AHU filter when required.

Look For Suitable Companies Online

Once you know what units you have in your building, you can start searching for companies that have experience working with them. Open your preferred browser and search engine, type in the unit’s brand, and add services to the end of the key term. The results should show you plenty of companies offering servicing, maintenance, and repairs of the HVAC systems you use, and you can make a note of the companies you find and add them to a list. Once you have a reasonable number of companies on your list, you can then look at their online reputations to see if they are suitable for your needs.

See What Their Customers Say

You can use social media platforms to look at companies’ reputations, and Facebook and LinkedIn are excellent ones to use. You can look at the reviews left by customers, see what they say, and how the company interacts with the users on their pages. It can show you a lot about their customer service skills and how they treat their customers. You can use the information you find to narrow down your list to two or three and then contact them for a quote. Once you have received the requested quotes, you can decide which one to use to book maintenance for your HVAC system and ensure it is fully functional and working correctly.