Avoid The Risks By Hiring A Shipping Company Instead of Letting Someone Drive Your Car


Shipping your car across the country can be stressful and a worrisome deal as it is difficult to anticipate the problems that might occur during the transit. There are two ways to ship your car. You can either hire a driver or hire a vehicle shipping company. We will see the common problems associated with each and the steps to overcome them.

Hiring a driver

One of the biggest mistakes that most of us do is to allow an unknown person to drive our car to the location.

  • Your car might get stolen
  • It might meet with an accident or get damaged
  • The driver might drive your car carelessly causing unnecessary damage, wear and tear
  • You will have to bear costs like food and lodging of the driver along with paying for the gas and the driver
  • The driver could demand more money due to unforeseen issues.

Hiring a vehicle shipping company

Hiring a car shipping company avoids or minimizes the risk associated with letting your car drove by a stranger. Ship A Car, Inc. is a vehicle shipping company that has been delivering premium shipping quality services to people relocating their vehicles anywhere in the US. Visit their website shipacarinc.com for every detail and get a free quote by completing an online form. You can also call them directly to speak with their shipping specialist.

Your car will be loaded on a closed or enclosed trailer with multiple vehicles and will be much safe from accidents, theft, damage, and harsh driving. Ship A Car, Inc has experienced professional drivers with credentials and a proven track of safety ensuring you peace of mind that your car is in safe hands.

Before you get the car loaded on the trailer for shipping, there are some common things you need to consider.

Inspect your vehicle

Make sure you inspect your vehicle carefully even the roof and under the bumper before and after shipping.

  • If your car got damaged after loading on the hauler truck, you can file a complaint against the transport company
  • Take the driver’s signature on the inspection form

Get a correct quote

Ensure you provide the correct address and postal codes of the pick and drop locations to avoid any confusion with an incorrect car quote to estimate the shipping cost.

Late delivery

Delayed deliveries are possible because of truckers’ negligence, roadways jams, and weather conditions. This is why good vehicle transport companies offer a delivery window of one to six working days to avoid delayed deliveries.

Moreover, most carriers follow a common route for shipping. If you want to have your car delivered to a different location then there would be additional charges that you may have to incur and expect delayed delivery. Therefore, review the terms and conditions before hiring a shipping company to avoid hiked prices and unexpected delays.

Hiring a shipping company is always the best option as compared to hiring a driver for transporting your car. Research carefully to help you find a reputable company to ship your car safely.