Buying A Flower Arrangement Is an Excellent Gift for Any Occasion


The use of flowers as a form of communication dates back to ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, but it wasn’t until the Victorian era that the specific language of flowers was defined. Floriography is the common term for the language of flowers, and the giving of flowers developed as a means of communication when it was not appropriate to voice your emotions with another. Specific meanings and symbols of flowers change depending on the different parts of the world, but what is unchanged is the universal means of communication that the giving of flowers form. Whether you’re giving Roses in England or Sunflower bouquets in Malaysia, the message is often the same; we’ll use this short post to look at the different flowering gifts available.

Giving Flowers to A Loved One

The most traditional and well-known gift of flowers is the giving of red roses to express romantic affection to a loved one; roses have been associated with love for thousands of years. While giving red roses is a superb choice, it’s not your only option; you could choose flowers in a favourite colour or find out if your loved has a specific favourite type of flowers, such as lilies or carnations. Look into the meanings of certain flowers; one might be especially specific to your relationship or decide if your gift wants to say something specific to her and choose flowers to complement this emotion.

The Different Types of Arrangements

Flowers are most commonly given and sold as a bouquet, but with a bit of planning and a specialist florist, you have other options from which to choose. Many florists now offer a wealth of different flower arrangements in boxes, vases and baskets which hide the unsightly items; they complement the overall aesthetic quality and highlight the chosen colour scheme. You could also choose to give flowering plants instead of cut flowers; orchids are particularly popular as this type of gift and can show the recipient how much they mean to you.

Why We Give Flowers?

The art of giving flowers exists in every culture around the world because they enable us to communicate our emotions and feelings in an elegant manner and can be tailored for many different situations. The giving and receiving of flowers offer immediate happiness that is invaluable to both parties while also being visually inspiring and instilling feelings of positivity. Giving your friend or loved one flowers will undoubtedly make their day!