Controlling Noise Levels In Your Busy Office Space


When you have a busy office in a large open space, you must ensure that you control the noise levels so that it does not get too loud. An office that is too loud can be uncomfortable for your employees and customers, so you must address it when designing the space. There are various things you can do to help you manage noise in your office, and some measures are highly effective. Below, you can see some different things you can do that can help keep the noise manageable and ensure your employees are comfortable in the workplace.

Office Partitions

If your office has an open-plan layout, partitions can help separate different work areas and reduce noise levels. Office partitions can be made of various materials, including glass, wood, or metal. They can be used to create separate workstations or to divide larger spaces into smaller, more manageable areas. By reducing sound transmission, office partitions can create a quieter environment for employees and make concentrating easier.

Desk Dividers

Desk dividers are an alternative to office partitions that you can install directly on desks or workstations. These dividers can be made of sound-absorbing materials, such as foam or felt, to reduce the amount of noise between different work areas. Desk dividers are an affordable and effective solution for reducing noise levels in an office, and they are available in many different colours and designs.

A Sound Absorbing Ceiling

Also, consider installing a suspended ceiling in your office and using high-quality sound-absorbing acoustic ceiling tiles to reduce noise levels. A reputable brand such as Armstrong ceiling tiles has many options, and they are highly effective at reducing noise levels and echo. A suspended ceiling also allows you to easily run cables and ducting and hide them while still being able to access them.

Soundproof Doors

The doors in your office can be a significant source of noise transmission, always opening and closing, letting noise in and out. Consider installing soundproof doors, which are designed to minimise sound transmission between different areas. Soundproof doors can be made of heavy materials such as metal or solid wood, effectively reducing noise levels in busy environments such as call centres. Even though the doors are heavy, they open and close quietly, so no doors will slam in your office.

Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof curtains are another effective way to reduce noise levels in a busy and noisy office environment. These curtains are made of dense materials that absorb sound waves, reducing the amount of noise that passes through them. You can install them over windows, doorways, or other areas where sound can enter or escape. Soundproof curtains can be a great investment for noisy offices that need to decrease noise levels.

Choose Carpets For Your Floors

Many large offices will have hard flooring materials, such as wood, laminate, vinyl, and other materials, as they are hard-wearing and easy to maintain. However, they will also significantly increase the noise level in your office, and the best option is carpets or carpet tiles for your flooring. These will help absorb sound and reduce echo, making it a much more comfortable working environment and helping boost employees’ productivity.