An updated review on EXANTE – our latest opinion on the broker


EXANTE is an investment company that has been around for over a decade. It was founded in 2011 by Alexey Kirienko, GatisEglitis, and Anatoliy Knyazev, in Malta. Over the years, the broker has expanded rapidly to cater to clients of all experience levels from around the world. To deliver a secure trading experience, EXANTE is licensed and regulated in all the regions it has offices in. It holds licensing from the MFSA in Malta, the SFC in Hong Kong, the FCA in the United Kingdom, and the CySEC in Cyprus.

There are many reviews online on the Internet about this investment company due to its popularity among investors. As of May 2023, EXANTE has $2 billion in total assets under management, and it works with clients from more than 100 countries, offering retail and institutional trading services. The company also works with family offices, professional investors, wealth managers, banks, and other financial companies.

If you are planning on working with EXANTE, be sure to read a full broker review on its product offerings, services, and customer support, updated 2023. Below, we go through briefly a bit on EXANTE’s background and how the broker got to where it is today. We also discuss its product offering, account tiers, and trading platform. For a quick review of the broker, read on.

A little bit on EXANTE’s background

EXANTE was founded in 2011 with the goal of improving global connectivity in the financial world and on improving transparency in financial information. EXANTE’s founders are deeply knowledgeable about mathematics, computer science, trading and investment, and business development.

It is through the lens of providing knowledge and enhancing financial literacy and investment accessibility that EXANTE was founded. This sets the broker apart, along with strong backing from its founders’ expertise in various fields.

One of EXANTE’s core missions is to provide superior trading services that is accessible to all, and there is also a strong focus on creating innovative technology. This can be seen in its diverse product offering of over 600,000 financial instruments across 50 global markets. It is also seen in its commitment to moving the needle within the trading and investment industry, with the development of its proprietary platform that allows users to trade their product range from one single multi-currency account.

EXANTE today and our opinion on the broker

Today, EXANTE serves clients from 100 countries and has offices in multiple locations, including Hong Kong, London, Malta, and Cyprus. It is regulated in all the regions it operates, and it is compliant with GDPR and MiFID-II, to ensure traders in the European Union are just as well-protected.

As the first broker in Malta to enable access to global markets for Maltese traders, EXANTE continues to impress more than ten years on, with its ever-expanding product offering. The 600,000+ assets it offers include stocks, currencies, ETFs, bonds, metals, futures, and options. Traders can access global markets such as the NYSE, the LSE, the HKEX, the NASDAQ, and more. With EXANTE, diversification has truly never been simpler, and we feel that traders of all experience levels can enjoy trading at different levels of complexity with their preferred instruments.

The trader has always had a strong focus on technology, and the release of its propriety platform, the EXANTE trading platform, stands out among competitors. The EXANTE trading platform provides direct access to the broker’s entire product offering, and it promotes its strong network of 1,100 servers across the world. This network of servers is a good place to start when it comes to executing trades with low latency, and it is one of the strengths of EXANTE the broker.

Though the broker does not offer connection to MT4 or MT5, they offer APIs for experienced traders to implement third-party plugins. This resolves the potential issue of not being able to execute more complex strategies. It also allows traders to further simplify their trading experience by building next generation apps and using options strategy advisors. In terms of innovation, EXANTE fulfils its mission by offering an intuitive and customisable platform, where traders can take what they need.

Finally, EXANTE works with a wide range of counterparties to offer diversification and easy access to financial operations. These include well-known banks and financial institutions such as Santander, ING, HSBC, and Bank of China. This association is an entirely positive one, and it certainly adds to the credibility of EXANTE as a broker that is within the same league of professionalism as these investment giants.

Our verdict

Having looked at EXANTE’s offerings and reviewed its development from its founding to present day, our verdict remains positive. EXANTE is a broker that provides innovative solutions and accessibility to all traders with a huge range of tradable instruments. With easy diversification and an intuitive trading platform, we find that traders can really trade their own way, with maximum efficiency. The high security and data protection standards that the broker holds itself to also ensures that personal information and funds are kept safe.