How to Make Money by Tutoring People Online on Studypool?


The idea of staying home sounds dreamlike. Just imagine being able to stay home all day long and look after it. Want to make it sound still better?  Now think how will earn money sitting at home sound like? Now that seems like a fantasy and something that cannot happen in real life but not anymore. Many people are able to earn money sitting at homes by becoming a web developer, blogger or free lancer. If you are not much tech savvy it is not a thing to be hopeless because you still have bright chances to make money sitting at home. This can be achieved simply by tutoring people online on Study Pool. Study Pool is a website that offers students perfect help for their homework. This process might sound difficult but it is actually very easy to become an online tutor through Studypool as it helps you earn money without much ado by sitting at home. It saves both commutation time and cost which results in greater efficiency. Here are few simple steps that will guide you to easily earn money by providing online homework help to students:

  1. Making a Profile

The first step is to sign up as a tutor on Studypool and make a presentable profile. It is important to remember that the students choose who they want to work with after reviewing the various profiles, so it is important to make a profile that looks appealing to the students. Making a profile on Studypool as a tutor is not difficult at all and this task hardly takes more than three minutes. This is your only way to interact with the students so you need to be extra careful while making the profile.

  1. Helping students

The tutors also have a choice to make when it comes to questions they want to answer. They bid for the questions they want to answer and then the respective students choose a tutor whose price sounds reasonable to them. If the student accepts your price, he/she needs to make a down payment on the agreed price and after finishing the task, you get the full price.

  1. Earning loads of Money

You can simply earn loads of money by offering your services on Studypool. It is because the website offers a tipping policy which motivates students to tip all their tutors as well as the website takes only 20% of the price as commissions which are quite so. Hence, you can easily make a lot of money if you work smartly and put in your best.

  1. Building a Network

If you are not satisfied with your earnings there is always a chance of making more money. Studypool allows you establish your very own network of students through its unique friendship. You can get a reasonable supply of work from this network and make good money.


Thus, Studypool provides a platform for you to earn money easily without much ado or hassle. You simply have to provide answers to questions asked by students that you find easy to answer. So it is the most convenient mean to make money at home.