Refurbished riding floor scrubbers at low rates


Must have heard about riding floor scrubbers?Theseare well-equipped range of floor scrubbers that ensures a proper cleaning of your floors in the best way.

Although, there are several types and ranges of floor scrubbers available in the market, however there is one range you simply cannot miss! There is an enhanced range of riding floor scrubbers available with scrub path of midsize 40”. Get a newly installed squeegee rubber all over the cleaning machine and also new scrub brushes along with them. It is a battery powered machine with a battery of forklift size. The battery life you get may be 4-6 weeks.

This machine is a combination of all that you need to carry out the perfect cleaning at your home or office. The riding floor scrubbers are flexible and easy to handle as well as carry throughout the area; so that the user can accomplish with his or her cleaning task without much of strain.

The various types of brushes it has can be changed according to the need and the type of floor to be clean. As a matter of fact, this machine is capable of cleaning almost any type of floor including safety floors, profiled rubber, , natural stone , vinyl, timber, ceramic, carpets, and Flotex to name a few.

Buying such a cutting edge machine, new brand can cost a lot of money. Instead of going for a brand new one, you can always opt for a refurbished cleaning machine. A refurbished version is no less that the new ones. Rather they undergo tests and checking higher than ever before to get proved that they meet up to the quality standards of the company.

There are refurbished riding floor scrubbers available at affordable prices at several dealers out there in the market. If you want to have an authentic refurbished tennant floor scrubber that can offer you with all the above mentioned features, then get in touch with the leading dealers, Performance Systems Janitorial Supplies to buy the best products. For purchase and further more information about the products visit the website today!