Final Date of JEE Mains Rank 2016 in All India Rank


The most awaited date of JEE Mains rank 2016 in All India Rank (AIR) is now finally revealed by the Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE). Student who have recently appeared their Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and also who made it through the JEE Mains by getting the qualifying mark in both examination i.eclass xii and JEE Mains, can now check their rank in AIR.

According to the official report, the date of JEE Mains rank 2016 in AIR will be announced on or before 30th June, 2016. Beside the date of JEE Mains rank, every teachers, students parents and the educational institutes itself are curious to know the rank of their students and children in AIR as the student will bring fame to the institutes as well as in family especially student who are in the top 10 rank.

Well here are some important things you should know regarding how students are awarded rank in AIR. This will make you more conscious about the rules and regulation of CBSE in displaying AIR.

Rules and Regulation of JEE Mains Rank in AIR (CBSE):

As per as the rules of CBSE, the JEE Mains rank in AIR is declared after checking the candidates scores in JEE Mains and Board result (class xii). Student have to secure the qualifying mark in both the examination, any student failing to secure the qualifying percentage in both board examination and JEE Mains will be find their name in AIR even though they appeared the examination.

On the other hand student who secured the qualifying percentage in JEE Mains but fail to secure the qualifying mark in board result or vice versa will not find their rank in AIR. Basically it is mandatory for the student to get the qualifying mark/percentage in both examinations.

JEE Mains 2016 AIR is very important, without your Rank in AIR, you will not be allow to take admission in any government aided technical institutions. All India Rank is compulsory for nothing else but to get admission through Central Counselling Board (CCB) to IITs/NITs/ SFIs/CFTIs etc.

On the day of AIR declaration, student can go to the official website, and check their rank from their respective place. The students are expected to know their roll number and date of birth to check their rank in JEE Mains AIR.

How Do They Do If Tie Persist in JEE Mains Result 2016?

If tie persist in JEE Mains Result, the rank are given to the student base of the below criteria—

  • Candidate who secured higher marks in mathematics in JEE Mains will get higher rank than the student who secured lesser marks in mathematics.
  • In case of tie between two or more candidates, the authority will award rank base on the higher marks secured in physics in JEE Mains.
  • Candidates securing higher marks in board exam will get higher rank.
  • There will be a resolution of positive marks and negative marks through ratio. In this case, student having higher positive marks will be awarded with better rank.

These are the four criteria that will require to solve the tie problem while giving rank to the candidates. In case if the above four criteria is not fulfil by the candidates then candidates will be awarded the same rank.

Important Note:

The JEE Mains result is complied and then published by Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE). After the JEE Mains result is announced, candidates will get one last opportunity to update his/her class 12 marks at the official website they must update it before their rank is announced.

Apart from this, the original Rank certificate of JEE Mains 2016 will be available to the candidate at the official website itself. Candidates can download them through online, these Rank certificate is useful for admission purpose in CSAB. There will be a separate rank lists of JEE Mains for the candidates who opted for admission in B.TECH/B.E and B.Arch/B.Planning (apart from IITs or NITs).


Well, the date of JEE Mains Rank in AIR 2016, will be announced shortly, candidates are expected to remember their JEE Mains roll number and date of birth to check their rank in AIR. The JEE Mains rank 2016 AIR will be arranged base on the percentage.