Outfitting Your Employees


In the past, a uniform for a corporate job consisted of one shirt, one pair of slacks, and one tie. A man could get away with having only one or two suits. Both of them would be dark suits with a white shirt and a solid coloured tie; this is still known as a power suit. Women have always had a little bit of a harder time dressing for corporate jobs, but they still had a simpler time of it. Now, uniforms have gone from just one standard uniform, such as an hourly worker might have, to an entire wardrobe. A corporate partner needs to have several different options if he or she is going to stay current with the trends. You need to be stylish as well as serviceable and professional. You need clothes that will serve you when you’re in a boardroom, at a corporate dinner, or on a business casual luncheon. Those are three different clothing styles with three different demands.

Luckily, there are suppliers for uniforms who provide you with a wide selection. You should buy your corporate uniform from a trusted single-source company that provides great quality clothing.

Single Source

Single-source suppliers, as the name implies, buy their clothing from a single source. This means that they get all of their uniforms from the same place. That is useful for several different reasons. When it comes to quality, buying from a single source eliminates uncertainty. If they have been supplying you with quality uniforms for years, there’s no reason to think that their new uniforms won’t continue to be of high-quality. Also, you can save a lot of money when you’re buying from one supplier. Everybody knows the principle of getting a better rate by buying in bulk.

Outfitting Your Employees

Bespoke Solutions

Many uniform companies offer several stock options for uniforms but not much beyond that. If you are looking for something specific or unusual, you need to find a uniform supplier that is willing to create bespoke uniforms for specific needs. That could mean you have employees who aren’t completely comfortable in the stated sizes, or it could mean needing shirts that feature your corporate branding. The point is that you should be working with a supplier who is willing to do custom work for you. Even if you don’t need custom work on the order you buy at the moment, you might need it in the future. If you find that you do need custom work in the future, you don’t’ want to have to try and find a new supplier, especially if you’re in a rush. It’s best to develop a good rapport with a supplier right now.

Uniforms for your job don’t have to be uncomfortable, despite the many different stereotypes about them. A uniform made of high-quality materials and sewn by a high-quality supplier can actually be incredibly comfortable and versatile. There are many different choices for uniforms; you should choose one that uses the best materials and best styles.