What is Protandim?


Everyone is going to age, but how you age is completely up to you. You can go the route of living life hard and take whatever comes to you or you can live life to the fullest. So, introduced to possible the greatest breakthrough in supplements ever seen, Protandim!

If you don’t know what free radicals are and you are worried about how you’re going to age, you need to be informed. Free radicals are molecules within the body that affect the aging process. They aren’t good, and they can cause harm to your normal body cells.

The more you age, the more of these free radicals you have floating around in your body causing damage to cells. That damage to cells can ultimately cause cancer, which can debilitate and kill. And, as you age, you have less free radicals to fight off the onset of arthritis, heart disease, and other disease that can occur as you age. Fighting off free radicals with a boost of antioxidants in your body is paramount to helping yourself feel and look young.

So, the LifeVantage Corporation rsearched and manufactured a new product to stop free radicals right in their tracks! Protandim is a nutritional supplement that is patented and produced to help your body produce antioxidants to destroy the free radicals causing cell harm and the speeding up of aging.

Simply, just living as normal can cause oxidative stress. This stress is a result of your every day living processes. Protandim is a revolutionary product whose main ingredients are 5 powerful products.

Those high powered free radical fighting products are extracts: Milk thistle, green tea, bacopa, ashwagandha root, and turmeric. Combined, these extracts provide the body with all the anti-oxidant and free radical fighting components to help you fight the aging process as well as certain types of cancers and diseases.

Protandim is the revolutionary nutritional supplement trusted by thousands to fight aging, cancer, and disease. It provides anti-oxidant support around the clock, unlike vitamins like A and C.

Protandim, from LifeVantage, provides you with the perfect product to help fight off the free radicals that damage your body’s cells.