Go For That Small Dose Of 20mg Or 25mg Capsules Of Anvar And Gain Lean Muscles


Anvar is commonly called Var and it is actually the name of Oxandrolone that was manufactured by a pharmaceutical company. Now this compound ‘Var’ is used as a mild compound for people who like to get muscles build up with a little help from this. The compound must be taken 2 – 4 times each day and this shall show bulking of muscles on your body. This also strengthens the body builders without increasing the testosterone of the male body. This one is not so hard on your body! Itis mostly considered a magical nutrient to start with – a journey taking similar other nutritional compounds for muscle building.

Dosage for effectiveness

The compound is good for muscle build up and so if you want to buy it – you will find tablets of 2.5 mg that are good for starting. This one is for therapeutic dose and the body builders must try out stronger stuff. The one who wants to build up muscles should start with 20mg or 25mg capsules per day and many advanced users take a 100 mg for a day. The pills are marketed on this basis for body builders and they come in size of 20 mg and 50 mg.

Therapeutic and other uses

The medication was initially used to take care of weight loss and people with diseases that eat up healthy muscles used them for new muscle build up. They used 5mg – 10 mg for such building up of muscles after a severe disease. The body builders always try to find something that can help with their workout schedules and they found this compound to be wonderful in building strong muscles when taken in a higher dose. This compound comes as oral pills and these are as good as any injections taken of similar other medications. This is simple and easy to consume and gives you best results in a smooth and sure way.

Nitrogen retention and metabolism

This compound is good for retention of nitrogen in your body. Nitrogen is another ingredient that helps in hardening of muscles and so you get stronger muscles within a short period. The compound is good for metabolism also and hence you get a lean body free of fat. The muscles enriched with nitrogen also help in harsher and longer work outs for you. The calories that you get due to faster metabolism can bring about more energy that can help in your workout timing too.

Removal of fat

Anvar will not attack the fat cells within your muscles but helps in burning the fat. The visceral fat or the store of fat around the different organs and the subcutaneous fat that lies under the skin are two types of fat in human body. If you are a body builder then you would need to grow ripped muscles and a toned muscle. The subcutaneous fat must not be there or you would feel embarrassed. The magic diet and Anvar can help you to improve the look of the muscles and right kind of exercise shall give way to rippled muscles free of subcutaneous fat. You can start with the 20mg or 25mg capsulesand take them without fail for bringing the desired and effective change