How to Transform a Room with Hand Painted Furniture


When it comes to redecorating, not everyone loves the challenge and it can be hard to decide what should go where in each room to give the entire property a fresh new look. One way to transform the way a home looks is to use unique furniture and hand painted products are often the best choice, as these have a distinctive look to them.

Chairs, Chairs, Everywhere …

Items can vary from tables to chairs and they can be painted in any colour that will work well with the existing décor. However, if you plan to repaint the property as well as get new furniture, then you will need to think about what colour you will be painting the house before ordering your new furniture to ensure they complement each other. Good quality hand painted chairs can make a huge difference to the way a property looks and these chairs can go in any of the following rooms:

  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms

You may even want to place a chair or two in the hallway or entrance area to give the space a new dynamic. It is vital to ensure that the chairs you use are of a high quality and this can be done by buying your new furniture through a reputable company and often the more you pay, the better the quality will be so try to avoid paying really low prices or you run the risk of the furniture breaking easily.

You will need to decide if you want the chairs to have any of the following:

  • Arms and if you want arms, what style they should be
  • A cushioned seat
  • What the style of the back should look like
  • How large it needs to be

Some people might want to go with a modern style, while others may prefer a more traditional look and you will need to decide which option works best with the décor, as this will vary from home to home.

Hand Painted Tables

As well as chairs, hand painted tables will also add a unique edge to your property and you will need to consider everything from the height of the table to what legs you want. Which chairs you choose will affect your choice of table and while the colour you go for doesn’t need to be an exact match; it is important to ensure that they work well together.


Make your Furniture Stand Out

A good way to give your home a new look is to make your furniture stand out and here’s why hand painted pieces work really well:

  • Each piece is unique
  • They give a room character
  • They stand out more, as even pieces that are painted in the same colour have a slightly different finish
  • They add charm and a sense of warmth to a room

Redecorating can be hard work but when it all comes together at the end, you will see a huge difference just by making a few changes.