Don’t Miss These Aspects While Choosing Self-Storage Services


Shifting from one home to another can be quite excruciating. Some peoples shift homes by choice, while others have work and other concerns that must be addressed. Nevertheless, if you have belongings that you don’t need right away, it is a good idea to keep some of these at a self-storage unit. These are professional companies that offer units (also called as containers by some services) to customers for a decided price. Usually, the charges and costs are added for each month, but it can depend from one service to another. To choose a good service, don’t miss some of the crucial aspects below.


Sorting your goods

What kind of stuff you want to keep at a facility? Most of the goods in the house can be divided in three categories – fragile, large and small. The fragile and delicate goods need more care in terms of packing and handling, while the smaller things can be stored in boxes. You may also have things that may qualify as large, such as cars, appliances, furniture and home décor stuff. Make sure that you keep a note of the labeling, so that you can discuss the pricing easily. Most companies will send their executives to check the amount of goods you have, based on which they will decide the size and price of storage units Kealakekua.

Looking for services

One of the best ways to look for a service is to ask for referrals. Ask your friends and family to give the names of a few companies in your area. Ideally, the concerned storage service shouldn’t be very far away from your current location, as it would make it hard to fetch and transport the valuables. Also, the service should be flexible. As a customer, you wouldn’t want to wait for days to access the goods. Make sure that their working hours is long enough for easy access. The costing remains one of the major concerns. However, don’t choose a service because it’s easy on the price. Instead, it is best to choose a company that offers a competitive quote. If you need an unit or space for more than a year, you can ask for special discounts, although it’s on the discretion of the service.


Other factors that matter

Security is one of the major factors that need attention. You cannot rely on a service that doesn’t have enough safety features and CCTV cameras on their premises. Also, manual theft check is also important. Among other things, you need to know about their regular maintenance procedures. How frequently do they clean the premises? Do they have special maintenance programs to deal with rodents and pests? How many staff work for the same? Take your time to understand if the company has a clear and genuine policy with regards to damage and losses. In case of a theft and other damages, you would want to be assured about the extent of the liability and assistance.


Check online and compare a few options now!