Brooklyn accident attorney stands to solve your accidental and personal issues


Accidents can happen to anybody under any circumstances. There are varieties of accidents such as personal injury, car accidental injury, work injury, slip, and fall accidents etc. If a person goes to the court without any legal support he/she, the victim could not claim the case. To break this situation, the victims shall proceed with Accidental attorneys who are well knowledged about all cases, rules, and regulation of every state.

Boyko & Associates is a team of experienced attorneys who have been handling marriage dissolution, immigration, business and injury cases for long years. We provide the highest quality legal services throughout New York. Brooklyn accident attorney has handled thousands of accidental cases, he/she knows the opposite attorney’s pulse, the strength of the case, accordingly, the attorney will advocate in the court as well as with Insurance companies to get the claim of the client.

Accident attorneys have the knowledge and skills to protect your personal rights after an accident. An experienced auto accident lawyer will be able to provide advice based on your personal and unique circumstances. Our Boyko team will have a proper set up of all insurance claims and assists in revealing all information to the insurance companies to ensure that the client will receive the highest compensation for damages that he/she suffered in the accident. We are here to support you in the following cases Auto, Motorcycle, Semi truck accidents, Work related, personal injuries, Slip and fall, sidewalk and premises injuries. We have collaboration with numerous agencies and courts in Brooklyn and New York, we know the legal aspects better as for how to succeed the case. Whatever your legal issue is we support you as the backbone to obtain your claim.

Work injury will also come under accidental injury. Many of the Americans are getting injured in the work spot and they are not able to receive the compensation. It is due to that the employees are regularly informed that they are eligible for the remuneration under workers compensation coverage which is an overall standard. In the following situation workers might file a compensation for the injury:

  • If the injury is caused due to employer’s carelessness or misconduct, the employee could bring a legal action against the employer.
  • When the employer does not hold workers compensation coverage and during the period the employee is hurt, the employee may prosecute his employer.
  • If the injury is caused by a faulty product, the employee could file a product liability case against the business
  • If an employee is harmed by poisonous substances, they may file a toxic tort claim and raise charges against the distributor of the substances and the employer
  • If the employee is harmed by another party in the job hours, he/she can make a personal claim against the party and the employer since the employer failed to ensure the workspace safety and security

We, Boyko & Associates, understand the consequences of workplace injuries might lead to legal and personal problems. Most of the employees will be threatened if they come forward to file the case. Hence we help the employees not only from the point of legal, also from physiological. For your accidental and personal injury issues please contact Brooklyn accident attorney.