5 Tips for Using Technology to Improve Your Service Business


While every business likes to think that they are unique, service businesses face a very different set of problems to solve within the business itself. For these types of businesses, the difference between a new technology that can connect them with their clients could be the kiss of life or death.

Whether it is finding the kind of software that can help you to organize your IT department, such as the one that Province offers, or finding the right payroll service online, this kind of information can be critical. Because, let’s face it, in today’s business world there is always going to be a new way to use technology to do what you once did faster, cheaper and more efficiently. The trick is always to find which one of the tools out there is right for you.

Got a few minutes? Great, then sit down and cruise through our curated list of the ways that the new office technology can help your service oriented business not only get by, but do business smarter, faster and cheaper than ever before. From mobile apps to cloud software, we have some ideas that just might do the trick.

Farm Out Delivery

To start with, you don’t have to do all the digging yourself. There are a host of great companies out there, ones like AlfaPeople who deliver a host of great Microsoft business software, that can sift through the rubble for you. While you may want to consider the source of all of these companies, some are more delivery arms for software companies while others are genuine distributors, they all are invaluable in collecting this information in one place for you to peruse at your leisure.

The web has become a hub for many businesses, offering cloud-based accounting software that eliminates the need to deliver monthly reports for just one example. As more and more businesses find that they can use flex workers to take care of business from home several days a week, they find that the cost of real estate comes down and productivity goes up.

It also allows them to keep valuable team members in the pool when they begin to raise young families. With the pool of talent getting tight, that can be a deciding factor for that bright energetic engineer you are courting. So, let someone else put together that presentation package of what technology can do for you, and then spend a bit of time seeing which elements make the most sense to you.

Marketing and Social Media

There are tons of great, and really inexpensive, marketing tools online for small business to take advantage of. Everything from newsletter software such as MailChimp to marketing automation software for online campaigns such as Pardot. It all comes down to what you want to do, how much of a reach you need, and getting your marketing team trained to get the most from the software.

Love social media marketing but can’t keep track of everything? There are several tools for that, the most popular one these days is Hootsuite. You can do it all from the dashboard you create and even schedule it for as much as several months in advance. Great for planning those long marketing campaigns to introduce new products.

There is plenty more, so get out there and dig in. The web is inviting you to take it on a tour. Explore and grow!