Top 5 Tips to Sell a Used Car


Most of the people who have successfully driven a car for more than 2 years would love to upgrade to a new car or a better version. This is totally understandable. However, when you plan to sell your car, you will have to ensure that you do so for an amount that comes really close to the actual value of the car.

Sale Used Hyundai i20

Hyundai is one of most preferred brands in the second hand car market. In case you own an i20, then you have an upper edge as it’s in great demand in the market.

Here are some valuable tips to make sure that you get a good resale value for your car.

  1. Keep Your Car Clean: When you are ready to put your car on sale, ensure that it is washed and cleaned every single day. The potential buyer may step in to check your car any time during the day and his impression about your car will matter a lot.
  2. Be Realistic about Pricing: Always be realistic when you price your car. People are not going to buy the car if they find it to be too pricey. Check what the true value of the car is in the market. Do consider the depreciation as well when valuing your car. This way, you will have a clear idea as to what the car must be priced at.
  3. Pre-Service: Ensure that your car is properly serviced before it is put on sale. It will be great if you can invest some money in getting the vehicle serviced. The car’s engine, gear, and brakes must be functioning at their optimal level if you wish your car to be sold for the price that you expect.
  4. Proper Documents: Make sure you have every necessary document pertaining to your car like RC book, insurance, emission test record and other important documents. This will make your selling process much easier.
  5. Meet the Buyer: Once everything is ready, you should meet the potential buyer, discuss about the car and try finalizing the deal. If the buyer is really keen on buying the car, then he will buy it without taking too long.

The above mentioned tips will certainly help you sell your car at a fair price if you really put in some effort into it.

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