4 Casual Fashion Tips for Men


It is quite often noticed that men are not too concerned about their appearance or what they wear. Typically, worrying about fashion and styling has been the anxiety of the female population. However, this outlook is changing now. There is no sane reason as to why men shouldn’t be fashion-conscious. You would have noticed that many successful and high-powered men know how to look presentable. If you’re a rookie and want to become a sharper dresser, you will need to take heed of these 4 casual fashion tips:

The T-Shirt Tuck

Tucking your T-shirt into your bottoms is a big NO. Casual outfits like t-shirts are meant to be free. So, tucking must be strictly reserved for formal shirts or just about anything that has a collar. Don’t tuck in casuals for a carefree look even if it is your favourite Spiderman t shirts. India, US or UK, whichever part of the globe you are in, tucking casual tees should be avoided.

The Dilemma of Belts and Shoes

This is one of the most common fashion blunders that guys are often seen doing. Here is a golden rule that you must engrave in your heart: The colour of your belt and shoes must match.

If you stick to this rule, it will show how you pay attention to the most minute of the details. It is bound to leave the women and co-workers impressed. Other than the colour, pay attention to the texture. Shiny belts go with shiny shoes. Similarly, matte textures of belt and shoes go hand in hand.

Wear Appropriate Socks with Casual Wear

Bulky cotton or the ankle cut version socks should be worn only with tennis shoes. Don’t pair your casual outfits with thinner or patterned socks as these go well with formals. They should coordinate with your pant colour.

Make Sure That Your Clothes Fit You

Most men pay heed to the fit when buying formal wear, but forget it when they buy casual outfits. Spending tons of money on designer clothes that don’t fit you is the worst decision you can make. Clothes that are too tight will look awkward, while overly baggy clothes will make you look sloppy and grungy. Don’t stick to one brand. Rather try different labels to find the perfect piece of clothing that will fit you.

Looking sharp is no rocket science. All you need is a little time and dedication. Just stick to the above four rules and then you are good to go. A little effort can take you a long way.

Author Bio

Sneha Reddy is a fashionista. She loves writing blogs. Her blogs mainly focus on fitness, well-being and fashion.