What The Latest Speaking Event In Zimbabwe Is All About For Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, who also is often referred to as just Pastor Chris is one of the world’s most beloved preachers and ministers of healing. Chris Oyakhilome was born in Nigeria to Elder T. Oyakhilome, another ministry leader and dean at LoveWorld Ministerial College. As a young man who studied the Bible and learned about the love of Christ, Oyakhilome felt the calling and urging to take the gospel to the needy people of Africa and decided to start a ministry that would exhibit compassion and selflessness towards these people. That ministry is Christ Embassy, formerly known as Believers Loveworld Inc. Along with this ministry, Oyakhilome started a satellite TV media outlet for his preaching known as LoveWorldTV which has been seen in networks all across Europe, Africa and even North America.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome attended Ambrose University and holds a doctorates from both that university and Benson Idahosa University. It was while he was there that he formed the idea for Christ Embassy, an organization that is not just any church, but a megachurch that has reached across Africa and the entire globe to establish other churches as part of its base. Pastor Oyakhilome has several ministries that are run through Chirst Embassy, but perhaps none have been more impactful than the ministry of healing miracles. Through this ministry he has helped people with both physical and spiritual sufferings not only find restoration, but changing in the mind and in emotions.

Pastor Chris is excited about a new opportunity to reach millions in Zimbabwe through an event known as the Worship and Communion Miracle Service. At this event he came to a venue packed full of visitors and spoke directly to them while live television cameras captured his message. The event had people talking about how the time to seek the Lord’s blessing on Zimbabwe was now, and in the days leading up to Pastor Oyakhilome‘s appearance, leaders began holding times for prayer and hoping for a great turnout to the place. And to their delight, the venue had people streaming in from all over with many getting there early to make sure their seats would still be available given the free admission. In fact, officials even had to setup overflow seating to accommodate everyone.

One reason this event was highly acclaimed is because spokespeople for Chris Oyakhilome said it was now time for Zimbabwe to be in the midst of God’s blessing. His overall theme while speaking at that event was that “better days are coming,” and with various changes taking place in the country things would start heading down the right track. But also that people needed to turn to God and as things seemed to be bad, the time now had come to listen to others instead of using violence to force changes. Whether or not the fruits of Pastor Oyakhilome’s message will take effect right away remains to be seen, but most attendees sense the response to the service was very positive and encouraging for the nation.