Content is king: The importance of content for SEO


Previously, when people use to write SEO friendly posts or articles they had the intention of filling up their content with a number of keywords to increase their rankings. Those keywords may have no connection with the major content still they were used.

Such content writing companies were only interested in marketing and promoting their ads and were not bothered about their visitors checking out them once again.

Importance of content for SEO

But today the scenario is totally different. SEO has become the most vital part of a content writing agency. All web content are re-evaluated and created in a new manner containing optimized keywords and content. They are writing SEO articles even for selling and purchasing of goods.

Thus, now the content writing services offer the visitors to stay for a longer period on a web page and also encourages them to visit the same website again and again. Therefore, a good and high-quality content is essential.

It is often quoted that “Content is the King”. This is one of the vital truth for all content writers and experts of SEO. A web page attracts its visitors by its content and not only by their products description.


For example, if you are looking to promote a property, then you have to hire a real estate copywriter to have an exclusive content for your real estate web page. So that more people visit your website daily.

If you are a really good writer you should opt for content writing jobs. There are tools such as ‘TechKnowSys’ which helps you to give an author name to write an optimized SEO article for the genre of  your content.

To make sure that your content is a ‘king’ you should focus on the quality and the quantity of your content. On one hand, you should be providing with well written high-quality content to your readers. Avoid writing confusing content as the visitor gets baffled by what you might be trying to express or talking about.

A good content should have appropriate keywords, should be engaging and purposeful in nature. Such content attract the maximum number of visitors and acquire maximum clicks. On the other hand, you should also focus on the quantity of your article. Your articles should be between 300 to 700 words to have a perfect response towards it.

You should always update your website with new content. This will make visitors to view your website more. But if you do not update it the viewers of your website would eventually get bored.

It’s very important to keep a track whether your website is being updated regularly or not. A static website with a static content will lead to a decrease of rankings which will eventually have fewer viewers. You should have a particular pattern of getting your website updated. Make sure every two weeks it gets updated to have maximum viewers.


Content is essentially the king on the virtual forum. So make sure you make full utilization of the content offered by the content writing services and use it appropriately!