Dos and Don’ts of Shopping Toys for Puppies!


Puppies, regardless of their breed, are full of energy. In the first six months, a pup will learn most of the commands and instructions, and whenever they do well, you need to reward them with treats. Besides all the feeding supplies and grooming essentials, you must also shop for dog toys. For a new dog owner, this can be pretty challenging. In this post, we will discuss a few do’s and don’ts of shopping toys for puppies.

The dos

  • First things first, consider the interest and age of your dog. There are toys that are designed specifically for teething puppies. Some dogs are keen on fetching, while others might like to chew on something for hours.
  • If the dog is still teething, you need to buy hard rubber toys, which often have a small hole in the center. These are almost indestructible, and puppies love playing with them.
  • Give your dog some mental exercise. This is where you can think of interactive products and puzzles, such as ZippyPaws Dog Toys. These help in physical and mental stimulation and are ideal for older dogs too.
  • You can also shop for rope and nylon toys, which are pretty good for puppies, as long as you are around to supervise. Thin ropes can get entangled in the teeth, so make sure that your puppy is using the rope toy in the right way.

The don’ts

  • Do not buy toys that have batteries or metal parts. If swallowed, these things can lead to emergency situations, which can be fatal for your pooch.
  • If you have a large breed of dog, do not choose smaller chewy or stuffed toys. Dogs like to chew and swallow things, and you don’t want to end up with the vet.
  • Do not buy cheap products. There are brands that are known to make exclusive toys for puppies, which are safe for their health. If you don’t have the money to spare, buy fewer options, but don’t settle for cheap plastic stuff.
  • Foam stuffing toys might not be ideal for teething puppies. Consider the different aspects and make sure that you talk to your vet for more ideas. Behavior experts may also offer a few good suggestions.

There are some great online stores, where you can buy branded toys for dogs at great prices. Once you know what works and interests your pet, you can keep shopping for more. Look for options now!