Enjoying A Beautiful Experience With Elephants When Visiting Thailand


When you are going on holiday to Thailand, no visit is complete without an experience with the elephants, the national animal of the country. There are many experiences where y can get up close and personal with these majestic animals, and it will be an experience you never forget. When looking for an ethical elephant nature park, Thailand has many options available throughout the country, and the experiences are all similar. Below is what you can expect when you visit one of these parks to know what to expect and plan a fantastic trip to the Land of Smiles, so you have a magical time.

Starting Your Day

It is usually an early start when you spend a day with the elephants, wherever in Thailand you go to see them. You will usually be collected from your accommodation in a minibus and sometimes stop off at a local market to get supplies, which means food for the elephants. The trip can vary in length, depending on the elephant park you visit and how far away from it you are staying, but it will not be long till you arrive and get to start your wonderful experience with the elephants.

Time To Say Hello

Upon arrival at the park, you will be greeted by your guide, and sometimes they will have you change into clothes, so you do not need to worry about mud or getting wet. They will give you lots of information about these fantastic animals as they walk you to the visitor centre where you will meet the herd. You will also get to feed them, and the elephants will have noticed your arrival and are making their way to the visitor centre to greet you.

Feeding The Elephants

You will get to feed the elephants lots of their favourite fruits and vegetables, and their trunks will be exploring the platform you are feeding them from, looking for their favourites. Once you finish feeding them, they will wander off in their family groups, and your guide will walk you around the park and give you details about each family. After exploring for a while, it is back to the visitor centre for lunch and refreshments before heading back out to the herd.

Enjoying The Afternoon

In the afternoon, the elephants are much more likely to be frolicking in the mud to try and cool down, and later in the afternoon, you will walk down to a river or stream where you will get to give the elephants a bath, which is something they love. After having fun in the water, you will walk back to the visitor centre with the herd, where you will get changed and get ready to board your minibus to take you back to your accommodation. You will have plenty of chances to take Instagram worthy photos and take home some fantastic memories you will never forget.