The Best Four Ingredients in Skin Care Products


There are thousands of skin care products on the market. It can be difficult to separate which skin care products are better for your skin and which ones can cause damage. Skin care product manufacturers are great at advertising to make their products appear better than others. They have branding and marketing teams to draw in customers. They may use the words “natural” and “organic” to appeal to their consumers.

Not all natural products are good and not all synthetic products are bad for your skin. You can figure out which skin care products are best by searching for the following 6 ingredients on a nutrition label. It is also important to know ingredients are listed by prominence. For example, an ingredient listed first is more prominent in the product than an ingredient listed sixth.

  1. Beta Carotene

Beta carotene is found in red, orange, and yellow fruits and veggies. Your body converts beta carotene into Vitamin A. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for your skin. It works to help enhance the natural healing process as well as protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Beta carotene is naturally found in fruits and vegetables like pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and squash. The antioxidant properties are essential for healthy skin.

  1. Glyceryl Triacetate

Glyceryl triacetate is also known as triacetin. Glyceryl triacetate has many beneficial properties and is a pharmaceutical excipient found in food additives and various cosmetic products. While Glyceryl triacetate is not a “natural” product, it is a wonderful additive that cleanses the skin. It helps prevent or reduce the odour your body naturally generates by preventing the growth of microorganisms. It also works as a plasticiser. Plasticisers are used to carry flavours and fragrances.

  1. Oats

Oats is a common product used in many skin care products. Oats are a wonderful organic ingredient that treats dry skin, poison oak, insect bites, eczema, and other skin irritations. If you suffer from severely dry skin, you should look for oat-based skin products. Oats will replenish the skin. It contains antioxidant chemicals and anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Vitamin C

When the crisp fall air pushes out the summer heat, many people start taking vitamin C supplements to fight the common cold. However, vitamin C is also an excellent supplement for your skin. Skin products that contain vitamin C work to increase collagen synthesis. Vitamin C will battle the common signs of ageing like dullness and sagging. Ageing is not reversible; however, you can take steps to slow the process. Vitamin C also has anti-inflammatory properties and can work to prevent acne or other breakouts.