The Differences Between Self Lock Washers And Regular Washers


Self-lock washers are designed to prevent the leakage of water and other contaminants. A lock washer can be a better choice for some jobs, because it reduces wear and tear, and prevents leaks that can lead to water damage. However, there are many situations where a regular washer is just as effective. So it’s important for contractors to understand the pros and cons of both types of washers in order to choose the best one for their needs.

Advantages of Self Lock Washers

Since a lock washer sits on top of the bolt or screw, it can prevent damage caused by excess friction caused by bolts being too tight or loose. This can help extend the life of your equipment and reduce the risk of damage resulting from vibration or over-tightening. It can also help prevent damage by preventing threads from stripping during assembly or disassembly. This can be particularly helpful when removing stuck screws. It can also be used to prevent damage from thread backlash, which is caused by bolts being over tightened. This is common when using power tools to fasten parts. Finally, a lock washer can help prevent leaking by reducing the chance that your fastener will come loose. This can help you avoid major headaches and costly repairs.

Disadvantages of Self Lock Washers

Because they sit on top of the fastener rather than inside a hole, it can be difficult to align the lock washer properly when you install it. This can lead to fasteners that are difficult to remove and difficult to install, so you may end up wasting time and money on repairs and replacements. It can also cause screws to be difficult to remove, especially if you’re working with small nuts and bolts in tight places. Some lock washers can also cause damage by stripping threads, but this can be minimized by only using the appropriate type of washer for the specific job.

Advantages of Regular Washers

Generally speaking, regular washers are less expensive than self lock washers. They are also easier to work with because the threads of the fastener are aligned more securely inside the hole instead of being exposed on top. As a result, they are faster and easier to install and remove than self lock washers. They can also be used for a wider range of applications because they are generally stronger and more durable. In addition, regular washers can be compressed to fit in tight spaces and reduce the overall length of the fastener so that you can install them in narrow spaces where self lock washers can’t fit. Unlike self lock washers, they are not designed to prevent damage by limiting the amount of tension on the fastener. Because of this, it’s important to use regular washers with caution and to pay careful attention to the directions on the package.

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