Improve and add years on your life with a mobile stairlift


Sat at home you are chatting to your son and his family who emigrated a few years earlier via a video call. Its not just the latest communication technology that you are keeping up with as you proudly tell them.

It’s been a struggle since your husband passed away, and with your own body starting to show signs of age, you made a great decision by purchasing a mobility stairlift in Kettering from a company with experience and fantastic references. It has been an inspired decision which has improved your life no end.

  • You have your independence back to use the full house and no longer worry about the pain of climbing the stairs or potential accidents on them.
  • You have your own peace of mind that you are safe.
  • The team of engineers were brilliant following your free consultation with the curved staircase not proving any problem to them. And you know that you have after sales support whenever you need it.
  • Having a remote control enables you to send the stairlift to the top or bottom wherever its required and means it is waiting when you arrive.
  • Having a swivel seat makes getting in and out of it a doddle and its safe. The reduction in pain is wonderful.

Having a mobility stairlift fitted has improved your life, possibly adding years to it, but best of all it has reduced pain and the chance of a trip or fall which is great news for the whole family.