Stocking Up On Silver Christmas Presents In Bangkok


When you are lucky enough to be travelling through Bangkok before Christmas, you may want to do some shopping there for gifts, and there is fantastic handmade silver jewellery available that may be suitable. When buying a sterling silver ring, wholesale prices are available if you purchase multiple items, and you can get a few gifts in Bangkok for a fantastic price. Below are some tips to help you get the best price on beautiful silver jewellery in Bangkok that will make excellent Christmas presents for the ones you love.

The Best Places To Shop

You may be instantly drawn to the many shopping malls to find a jewellery store to buy your Christmas presents, but these are probably one of the most expensive options, so they are best avoided. Instead, you will need to look for small independent jewellery stores and market stalls where you can purchase high-quality silver jewellery at a competitive price. Bangkok is a global trading centre in finished jewellery, and Thailand has some fantastic, highly skilled artisans making beautiful jewellery. Chatuchak Weekend Market is an excellent place to explore, and you can find some amazing bargains in silver jewellery among the 15,000 market stalls.

When You Find Silver Jewellery You Like

When you have been exploring the silver jewellery available in Bangkok and found something you like, you will want to remember to haggle on the price to get the best deal possible. Always let the vendor start the proceedings and ask them how much they want for the jewellery you like, and then counter with your offer, ensuring it is not too low and offends the vendor. The more items you buy collectively, the more significant discount you will get, so try to do all your shopping in the same jewellery shop if possible. You can go back and forth till you both agree on a price and pick up some beautiful silver jewellery affordably, and ensure you get a receipt so you can claim back the VAT you pay.

Getting A Further Discount

When you have the receipt from your silver jewellery purchase, you can claim back the 7% VAT you pay in Thailand. As long as the criteria are met, including being in the country for less than 90 days, you can fill out a form and give your passport and receipt to the customs counter at the airport and receive a refund of the VAT you paid. Your silver jewellery presents just got more affordable, and you should also ensure you pick yourself up something nice.